Planning your Trip

Welcome to Sri Lanka

Every guide book will have told you the same stories about Sri Lanka, now it is time for you to see for yourself. This lovely land, named Serendipity by its first Arab discoverers and the "most beautiful island in the world" by arch explorer Marco Polo still retains all its charms and loveliness. 

Karma Sri Lanka is a disparate team of explorers and travel lovers located in Europe and Sri Lanka and India who are determined that you should experience the Sri Lanka of your dreams, whether that be from the perspective of a beach lounger, an ayurvedic table or from a mountain side.

Our job is to help you plan your voyage by guiding your ideas, finding the answers and then looking after you during your visit with us. You can have as much or little care as you want. Whether it is a honeymoon, a luxury holiday or a budget backpack across the island with a surf board, we are here to help you.

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