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Arugam Bay Hotels

The real lure of Arugam is the exception surfing which is considered some of the finest in the world and certainly in Asia. From May to September, the water is filled with surfers either learning or honing their skills in the warm water. There are 7 or 8 surfing spots that suit anybody from the expert to the novice.

As you might expect from such a spot, the ambiance is relaxed and surfer dude and the hotels and accommodation follow their lead. As yet no deluxe hotels have reached this far and even for most tourists, the 9 hour drive from Colombo is puts off all but the most dedicated. Even today this small fishing hamlet  remains largely unexplored  and is located near many national parks and bird sanctuaries. Kite surfing is also popular in Arugam Bay, which has a coaching centre as well to initiate the green horns into this exciting sport.  You can hire the boards and surfing gear locally. (there are also repair shops)

Arugam Bay Beach with ample coral reef offers delightful snorkeling opportunities. The national parks,  the forest hermitages of Buddhist monks and the archaeological sites near by are the other attractions here 

 The accommoadtion options in Arugam bay are diverse and  cater to the various budget groups with ease . From the luxury Stardust hotel to the small beach resorts, guest houses and inns, there is something for everybody here. Refer our cheap Arugam bay hotel list to find out the best budget deals.

Our Arugam Bay Hotels

"Tsunami" Arugam Bay Hotel

Quiet end of the beach and simple hut style hotel with a name that recalls the Tsunami but in fact predates it. Fab beach location but with simple amenities so dont expect boutique. also known as Arugam Bay Hotel

Aloha Cabanas

Aloha Cabanas in Arugam Bay is one of the most established guesthouses, known for its dedication to the local surf industry.  Prime beach-front location combined with private ECO style cabanas and scattered hammocks.

Arugambay Hilton Guest House

Arugam Bay is not your typical surf destination with modern facilities. It is more a community based destination, where little guest houses and the odd star rated hotel lie side by side. It is beautiful.

Danish Villa Arugam

Villa with 5 bedrooms just off the beach. Rooms vary from single to triple. The new garden villa has 2 doubles with AC. Off the beach but clean and smart.


Hang Loose Arugam Bay

Another surfer hangout as you can tell from the name. Relaxed with villas and rooms. Some with AC and all with fans.

Hideaway Resort Arugam Bay

Truly off the beaten track, Hideaway manages to combine all the facillities and comforts of a thoroughly modern villa with the ambiance of a slower, more gracious memory.

Kudakilliya Surf Bungalow & Camp - Arugambay

Remote bungalow with rooms on the verandah double room on its own. Very remote to the south of Arugam Bay and a perfect hideout for those wanting absolute solitude.

Lahiru's Place in Arugam Bay

Pretty basic place but close to the main break and offers (supposedly) the best coffees in the neighbourhood...

Mambos Arugam Bay

Closest to the main surfing break "Baby Point" on Arugam Bay and absolutely a dude hangout. Three types of rooms and AC available...

New Tri-Star Beach Hotel Arugam

Conveniently located at Arugam Bay, Pottuvil and this is the ideal spot for the adventure tourists.

Palm Grove Holiday Inn

Small guesthouse off the beach with a cheap bar that is frequented by the locals as well. 200 metres to the beach. Sometimes spelt as Palm Groove!

PJs Guesthouse Arugam Bay

Modern and spacious Arugam guesthouse run by ex-pats and offering AC and featuring large bathrooms. On the beach.

Pottuvil Point

74 acres estate north of Pottuvil with a few cabanas and a lot os isolation. Away from main beach and so offering real tranquility...

Rocco’s Hotel

Located in an area relatively untouched by major tourism development  giving it a very "laid back" feel.

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