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What to Bring to Sri Lanka

A lot would depend on when you plan to visit the island nation. In case you are planning to come during the monsoons, make sure you have adequate rain protection gear and rain boots as the roads could get slushy and muddy; not to forget the ferocious leeches in the wet season.

Probably the first thing in your list of things to pack for your Sri Lanka holiday,  would be a  well illustrated Rough guide that will make sure that you do not miss out any of  the must see attractions of Sri lanka, the general etiquette, sight seeing and accommodation information and other useful tips. This island nation is truly photogenic so, bring in your camera  to take home some of the breath taking spectacles!

A small clutch bag  that can be strapped on to your body will be the best choice to  carry your valuables such as cell phone, money or credit card as instances of theft  are not uncommon.

Pack light
Pack as little as possible especially if you decide to travel around in public transport , which often will be crowded. Light  cotton clothes, which are well suited for the  hot, humid climate are ideal; most of the  hotels offer laundry services, though these could be  expensive at times.

Mosquitoes are very common all over Sri Lanka; so make sure that you have adequate stock of any good mosquito repellents and creams with you. Most hotels provide mosquito nets. Taking anti malarial drugs is  most probably recommended, though it is not mandatory.  Also remember to pack first aid medicines and your regular medications if any. It is better to pack condoms, sanitary napkins/ tampons for ladies  and diapers for  babies as you might not get much variety here.

Beat the heat
Lots of comfortable cotton dresses for the tropical climate of Sri lanka is a must.  Long pants and full sleeved shirts to wear at night and also for temples and places of religious importance. Pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes, good cotton socks and cotton lingerie as  you are going to sweat hard in the sweltering tropical sun. Did we left out to list deodorant and sun screen? No chance it is very hot and sultry here and you should have a premium quality deodorant  and sun screen to be at your pleasant self all day.

Do not forget the iced water bottle as the hot weather will leave you dehydrated and weak. Never set out on long walks and trekking trails without your own water supply. It is better to get a water bottle with a  thermal jacket to ensure a steady supply of ice cold water to beat the heat of the day. Do not forget the sun glasses and a large floppy hat that will take off the heat to leave you comfortable. A large cotton towel   might come handy in wiping off the the sweat  run off, which could make you uncomfortable.

Do not forget the Beach wear
Sri Lanka is well known for its spectacular beaches and most of them are ideal for swimming and snorkeling, so make sure that you have your swim suits.  You need more of  practical clothing, sandals  for the beach and comfortable walking shoes for the forests to make sure that enjoy every bit of outdoor fun that Lanka offers !

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